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Monday, April 25, 2011

Videos: Jury Denies Florida Pastor First Amendment Rights

Regardless of one's feelings about Florida pastor Terry Jones, this is an extremely dangerous precedent. On April 22nd, Jones was in Dearborn, MI to protest outside a Mosque there. A trial was quickly called - amazing how speedy trials are possible when certain people want them - to determine if he should be allowed to hold the protest. The jury ruled that he could not. Why? Because it might cause locals to riot. Denying one's free speech rights based on what others might do is targeting the wrong individual - and it's very dangerous.

A theme the jury seemed to focus on was that the location Terry Jones chose for his protest was not acceptable. That argument immediately conjures up images of the Ground Zero mosque protests. That was all about location too. Except, those who protested were labeled by the Muslim community as 'intolerant.' There was also no court order that said the Mosque couldn't be built there. In fact, the city cleared the way for its construction. When a small pastor wants to protest outside a Mosque in Michigan, he's the intolerant one? The lack of consistency here is palpable.

If there is any good to come out of this, it should be that some of those involved in paving the way for this ridiculous ruling could conceivably wake up and realize how utterly absurd the ruling is. What happened in Dearborn, MI last week was a victory for the Islamists. Period. It was a victory for creeping Shariah law and proof that Sharia law cannot coexist with the United States Constitution.

Verum Serum has two videos that tell the story. The first is a news report from the local Fox affiliate. The second is an interview with one of the dhimmi jurors.

It's amazing what people will say and believe in order to rationalize cowardice.

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