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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Turkey's Persecution of Christians on the Rise

Leaders of two Christian rights organizations - Christian Solidarity International (CSI) and the International Christian Union (ICU) - are making it very clear that Islamic extremism in the nation of Turkey is very much on the rise, both culturally and at the highest levels of government. CSI's John Eibner says the motives for the attacks are both Islamic fundamentalism and strong Turkish nationalism, which rejects Christians from other countries. Sounds a bit like Nazism, doesn't it?

Via WND:
"The Christians in Turkey are small in number, but they continue to face pressure from the government, but also prejudice in society," Eibner observed. "So there's social discrimination and official discrimination.

"From time to time, acts of horrific violence such as the beheading of Bishop Padovese and the ritual killing of missionaries and church workers … intimidate the Christian community," he said.

Almost one year ago to the day, Bishop Luigi Padovesi, the Vatican's representative to eastern Turkey, was found with his throat slit at his home in the Mediterranean port city of Iskenderun. His driver, a Muslim man named Murat Altun, later confessed to the crime.
ICU's President, Joseph Hakim is not only convinced that Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan is actively participating in this persecution but that Turkey's government is attempting to lead all of Europe's Muslims.
"Turkey is trying to position itself to become a power in Islam and Turkey has taken it upon itself to lead the European Muslims. They want to control as much as they can, so they can become the real leaders of European Muslims," Hakim asserted.
Taken in the context of the 'Arab Spring' (rise of Muslim Brotherhood) taking place in places like Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, etc., the argument that an Islamic caliphate is the goal of the Muslim Brotherhood is far more tenable.

Former PLO operative, Walid Shoebat, has been warning of this very thing for years.

Read it all.

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