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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Video: Nothing Illegal Found in Home of Marine Shot Dead by Police

This story simply stinks and there has got to be much more to it. On May 5th, during a drug raid, Pima County police in Arizona attempted to serve a search warrant at the home of Jose Guerena, a retired Marine. The video below shows that a very loud siren rang out for eight seconds before police entered Guerena's home. Shortly after barging into the home, shots can be heard. In all, at least 70 shots were fired by police inside the home. Guerena was hit multiple times and died at the scene. A S.W.A.T. team arrived shortly after Pima County police.

Perhaps the biggest red flag is that nothing illegal was found inside the home.

Both the police and Guerena's wife have given conflicting accounts. Initially, reports surfaced that police said they were fired upon but the gun in Guerena's possession was shown to have never been fired; it hadn't even been taken off of 'safety.' Vanessa Guerena's story changed as well. She initially reported that she heard no sirens but the video makes it clear that sirens blared just outside the home prior to the raid.

An interesting side note is that the Sheriff of Pima County is Clarence Dupnik, the same guy who said his office would not enforce S.B. 1070 if passed. He also waded into controversial waters earlier this year when he blamed talk radio for the Tucson shooting that critically wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

Here is a recent video report from KGUN

Here is a video of the actual raid via The Blaze:

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