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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Proof Positive the Left Fears Atlas Shrugged Author

On its face, this is a clever tactic by a liberal Christian group to use guilt by association to paint Christians who find value in Ayn Rand's work as hypocrites. Obviously, these folks haven't heard phrases like, 'Through God, all things are possible' or 'God works in mysterious ways.' Christians the world over have seen how God has used evil to further His will. It's one of His infinite number paradoxes. For example, the holocaust gave birth to the State of Israel. It's true; Ayn Rand was an atheist but Jesus was a Capitalist (Parable of the Talents). Does that make Jesus an atheist? Absolutely not, but it confirms the desperation of the people who are doing this. In fact, God may actually be using them right now in the form of this campaign. If so, such a scenario would actually speak to why Ayn Rand may have been successful AS an atheist.

This is a good sign. The left has decided to enter the Atlas Shrugged ring by giving Ayn Rand the Sarah Palin treatment. We all know what that means.

They're afraid of her.

Via The Blaze:

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