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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Video: Former Muslim Terrorist Does it Again, Exposes Jihadist in Knesset

It was a tactic none other than Yasser Arafat mastered. It worked and Arabic speaking stealth Jihadists are using the same playbook. In essence, they speak peace, tolerance, and unity in English but something else entirely in Arabic. Former PLO member Walid Shoebat is building up quite the list of people he has exposed by translating their Arabic into English. Among them are the Ground Zero mosque Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf and Son of Hamas author Hassan Mosab Yousef. The latest Jihadist for Shoebat to expose is actually a member of Israel's Knesset.

His name is Ibrahim Sarsur. CLICK HERE to watch video of Sarsur with Shoebat's translation.

Sarsur, speaking in Arabic at Abdul Rahman’s club in Israel, openly praised Hezbollah for "defeating Israel." He also said he awaits seeing Hezbollah's planners and strategists (whom he claims have a local presence) to repeat their victory against his enemy Israel during the 2006 fiasco in Southern Lebanon:

There is a force [Hezbollah] in Southern Lebanon that proudly raised its head to challenge American and Israeli supremacy with a project that carries the seeds of dignity and is based on Islamic pillars and foundations and has a vision to manage the war with the enemy [Israel].

Its [Hezbollah] internal management is well designed to benefit the Umma [Islamic nation]. Then came the blow [the war in 2006] that ended in the humiliation [of Israel] through these fighters [Hezbollah] grinding their noses in the dirt (the number one power in the Middle East, that is Israel). This defeat [of Israel] caused an earthquake measured ten on the Richter scale and on the political scale in Israel. The aftershocks continue from this great earthquake of 2006 until today.

There was none left [without humiliation in the Israeli Government] from the Defense Minister and Interior Minister [all the way up to the] Prime Minister. ... Keep in mind that there is [growing] strength, strategic insight and presence locally and regionally from Hezbullah beginning in 2006 until today. They are thinking on how to return this fear to Israel and how to destroy Israel's [military] deterrence which is the pillar of Israel's continuation and if this happens -- this means -- that the line will begin to point extremely downwards for Israel’s [military] deterrence.
Such a find is not all that dissimilar from discovering that a U.S. Congressman named Anthony Weiner likely converted to Islam, which Sheoebat has done.

Here is a video explaining exactly why that's important:

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