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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Video: Jon Stewart Rips Project Gunrunner

You know this story is hitting the mainstream when Comedy Central's Jon Stewart picks it up. Though he gets the story basically correct, the way in which he portrayed the agents who blew the whistle on this operation was in poor taste. If someone is unfamiliar with this story before seeing it on Comedy Central, he/she would walk away thinking that Agents John Dodson and Rene Jacquez were willing participants and incompetent themselves. What Stewart doesn't communicate here is that without those two agents, Stewart wouldn't be reporting on this story at all.

Issa was apparently NOT HAPPY with Stewart's bit either.

On another note, I had this letter in my inbox. It's penned by Rep. Darrell Issa to ATF's Deputy Director William Hoover. Apparently the Oversight Committee Chairman is concerned about the agents who testified at the June 15th hearing - John Dodson, Olindo Casa, and Peter Forcelli - being subjected to retaliation by ATF. One of those agents (Dodson) was basically mocked in Stewart's bit on the scandal.

h/t Sipsey Street

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