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Monday, July 18, 2011

Family of Murdered ICE Agent Wants to know where the Gun used to Murder him, came from

The most well known casualty when it comes to Operation Fast and Furious is Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, who was murdered in December. Two guns the ATF let 'walk' into Mexico were found at the scene. However, there was also another federal agent whose death is tied to Fast and Furious. His name is Jaime Zapata and he was an ICE agent murdered in Mexico. One of the reasons Terry's death is getting more attention is because the appearance of those guns is confirmed. In Zapata's case, his family continues to get the runaround from the feds and they're demanding answers.

Via the LAT:
Five months after U.S. immigration agent Jaime Zapata was shot to death by a Mexican drug cartel, his family is demanding to know whether the weapons were purchased in the United States and smuggled into Mexico under the now-defunct Fast and Furious operation.

The family complains that U.S. authorities in Washington and Texas have refused to answer crucial questions about the Feb. 15 ambush on a four-lane highway in northern Mexico.

"What happened with Jaime needs to come out," the family's lawyer, Raymond L. Thomas of McAllen, Texas, said in a telephone interview Sunday. "And the likelihood that these were Fast and Furious guns is certainly plausible."

Mexican authorities have announced nine arrests in the high-profile case. Among them was Jesus Rejon Aguilar, a Zetas cartel leader who was captured near Mexico City this month.

In Washington, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista), chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, is seeking information on the Zapata slaying.
It's beyond disturbing that the authorities will not give the Zapata family answers. The longer they do not do so, the more they implicate themselves.

h/t Free Republic

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