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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Senate Minority Leader McConnell's Bizarre 'Plan B' on Debt Ceiling

Welcome to the sausage factory. The only thing that would make this video of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) better is if circus music was played in the background. You may have to watch this video more than once to understand what on earth he's suggesting with his 'backup plan' if no deal is reached between Republican congressional leaders and Obama over the debt ceiling. This appears to be a political calculation on McConnell's part to neutralize Obama's attempt to hold senior citizens hostage by threatening to withhold their social security checks if Republicans don't give him what he wants.

The problem is that it will hand Obama the keys to the debt ceiling car, which mean the president's fear-mongering will have worked. These establishment Republicans are doing all they can to avoid the fight that conservatives are DEMANDING they engage in. Once again, they are unwilling to enter the ring and must be shoved into it.

Unfortunately, McConnell's Plan B, if talks don't yield a deal, is to put the responsibility for raising the debt ceiling squarely on Obama's shoulders three times between now and the 2012 election. McConnell may see this as political gamesmanship to get the better of Obama but the Tea Party and conservatives have long since grown weary of such games. The 2010 elections sent a message that this kind of thing must stop. This may be an attempt at nuance on the part of McConnell but it comes across as so convoluted, it'd likely have unintended consequences if it were attempted.

Via Freedom's Lighthouse:

Also from Freedom's Lighthouse, this is why Jim DeMint is a Tea Party favorite. On Mark Levin's show, he cuts right through McConnell's irrational ramblings and insists such a plan is going nowhere.

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