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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Chris Christie Believes in Man-Made Climate Change

New Jersey governor Chris Christie sent conservative hearts a flutter early on in his administration when he picked very public fights with teachers unions. Last month, he went off on anyone who questioned his appointment of an Islamist-sympathizer to a superior court judgeship in Passaic County. Now, Christie's conservative bonafides are dropping down yet another notch with his proclamation that man-made global warming (climate change) is a real threat. For the record, Islamists love it when westerners are distracted by the pseudo-threat of climate change; it takes our attention off of them.

Christie's come full circle on the issue. Last year, he told a town hall audience in Toms River he was skeptical climate change is the result of human activity. He backed off those comments at a conference of environmentalists in May and agreed to meet with climate scientists for a lesson in global warming.

Later that month, during a news conference announcing he would pull the state out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, a 10-state partnership intended to curb power plant emissions of carbon dioxide, Christie took another step.

"I can’t claim to fully understand all of this," he said. "Certainly not after just a few months of study. But when you have over 90 percent of the world’s scientists who have studied this stating that climate change is occurring and that humans play a contributing role it’s time to defer to the experts."

He added that climate science is complex and "we know enough to know that we are at least part of the problem."
There is something definitely wrong here. The behavior of our top public officials is becoming increasingly surreal.

Christie's biggest supporter, Ann Coulter, was conspicuously silent after Christie's defense of Sohail Mohammed. I wonder if this will snap her out of her Christie crush. I'm guessing not.

h/t Weasel Zippers

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