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Friday, August 12, 2011

One More Time: Guest-Hosting for Lynn Woolley Again Today (9am-Noon EST)

Day 2 of the guest-hosting gig. Of course, dominating the discussion will be last night's presidential debate. We've got all the relevant clips. Yes, we're 15 months out from the election but one of these people will almost certainly be the Republican nominee. Ron Paul was his normal 'Jekyl and Hyde' self when it comes to domestic / foreign policy; Newt came across as being more than just mildly perturbed; Bachmann and Pawlenty had some charged exchanges; Santorum and Paul did as well.

We'll also be talking about Obama's Iftar dinner / guest list. Who wasn't on the list but attended the dinner? Once you find out, it should be obvious why they weren't listed.

The super committee is now completely known. How did the members fair when rated by the National Taxpayers Union (NTU)? Any guesses how the Democrats fared? Hint: What letter does the word, 'Fared' start with?

Much more...

To join the show, call 866-895-6442 (866-89-LOGIC).

Though the show is syndicated, KTEM carries all three hours. STREAM LIVE LINK.

Lynn's website is

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