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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Video: Al Gore calls for 'Arab Spring' in America

While appearing on the newer version of Keith Olbermann's Countdown, Al Gore bemoaned the fact that the left in America hasn't yet risen up like the left in Arab countries. In this exchange, Gore calls for an 'American Spring,' a 'Tahrir Square' in America and then qualifies it by saying 'the non-violent parts.' As if that wasn't absurd enough, he then says we need a 'grass roots' effort that mirrors what's happening in the Middle East but NOT of the 'Tea Party kind.' In typical leftwing fashion, Gore insists that the Tea Party is not grass roots and it's funded with seed money from the Koch brothers. It's classic projection.

At one point, Gore talks about how America is coming on hard times and that it has been building for a while. Yeah, I think you being Vice President for eight years has something to do with it, Al.

Via Daily Caller:

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