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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Video: Al Gore Equates Climate Change Skeptics to Racists

Whenever a liar accuses others of lying, you can lay money that those accused of lying are usually telling the truth. In this case, Al Gore is calling man-made climate change deniers liars and racists. All you need to do is take note of who Al Gore points to as being the example he uses to describe racist behavior and attitudes. Somehow, he equates Bull Connor opening fire hoses on blacks in the south in 1960's with those who question man-made global warming. So anyone who was against the civil rights legislation in 1964 was a racist on par with those who don't by Al's climate change garbage.

Not only is the fact that Bull Connor was a Democrat lost on Gore, so apparently, is the fact that his father - Al Gore, Sr. - voted against the civil rights act as a Senator. Yes, Al Sr. was a Democrat too.

Via Breitbart:

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