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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Breaking: Illegal Aliens to Flee Alabama in Droves

The good news is that Alabama can now implement the most important parts of its tough immigration law. The bad news is it's not a border state. Last year, Arizona passed SB 1070, only to have the toughest aspects of its immigration law struck down by a federal judge. In Texas, a tough sanctuary cities bill died in the legislature, in part, because two wealthy businessmen - grocery store magnate Charles Butt and developer Bob Perry - threatened to withhold campaign contributions to the Republican Party. Alabama passed what should have been passed in Texas and US District Judge Sharon Blackburn did what US District Judge Susan Bolton should have done relative to Arizona's law; she allowed the key parts to remain in effect.

A federal judge gave a green light for Alabama to enforce some of the most controversial parts of its toughest-in-the-nation immigration law, ruling that certain measures do not violate federal law.

U.S. District Judge Sharon Blackburn ruled that Alabama can enforce the law’s requirements for schools to verify students’ immigration status and for police to determine citizenship and status of those they stop, detain or arrest. Police are allowed to arrest anyone they suspect of being an illegal immigrant during a routine traffic stop, under the law.

In a 115-page opinion, Blackburn wrote that “the United States has not met the requirements for a preliminary injunction” for several of the measures the Justice Department had argued violated the Constitution and usurped the federal government’s authority to set immigration policy.

But Blackburn granted the Obama administration’s request to block certain portions of the law until she makes a final ruling. Those sections include provisions making it a crime to transport or harbor an illegal immigrant, or for an illegal immigrant to look for or perform work. Blackburn also blocked parts of the law that would allow discrimination lawsuits against companies that hire illegal immigrants when they discharge or fail to hire a U.S. citizen and forbid employers from claiming as business tax deductions wages paid to illegal immigrants.
Once again, the Obama administration comes down on the side of defending illegal behavior. In the minds of Eric Holder's Justice Department, it's apparently not a crime to harbor an illegal alien. Uh, Mr. Holder, it's called being an accomplice.

All things being equal, this is good news.

h/t Weasel ZIppers


Anonymous said...
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talkiyakedar said...

The acceptable account is that Alabama can now apparatus the a lot of important locations of its boxy clearing law.

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