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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

North Carolina Governor (D) Suggests Suspending Elections

There is a quote loosely attributed to FDR that says, 'In politics, nothing happens by accident.' The comments of North Carolina governor Bev Perdue at a Rotary luncheon this week may or may not apply but when she suggested that the 2012 elections be suspended, there was definitely a reaction. Almost immediately, there was a backlash to Perdue's suggestion that it might be better for the country if politicians were focused on getting the economy going instead of on their next election.

Via Daily Caller:
North Carolina Democratic Governor Bev Perdue’s recommendation that congressional elections be suspended may cause collateral damage to the Democratic Party, her Republican critics speculate.

On Tuesday Perdue recommended suspending elections until the economy recovers. “I think we ought to suspend, perhaps, elections for Congress for two years and just tell them we won’t hold it against them, whatever decisions they make, to just let them help this country recover,” Perdue said at a rotary club event in Cary, N.C., according to the Raleigh News & Observer. “I really hope that someone can agree with me on that.”

The shocking statement is destined for a long shelf life ahead of the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.
Additionally, Perdue is governor of the state slated to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention. It would seem that her comments certainly don't serve to benefit turnout.

When the backlash to her comments, which was both swift and forceful, became apparent, Perdue's team attempted to play down her comments:
When news broke about Perdue’s suggestion, the governor’s press team quickly asserted that she was joking.

“Come on … Gov. Perdue was obviously using hyperbole to highlight what we can all agree is a serious problem: Washington politicians who focus on their own election instead of what’s best for the people they serve,” Perdue spokesman Chris Mackey said in an email to TheDC.
Aside from the fact that the very politicians Perdue wants to leave in office to fix the economy are the same ones (Democrats, mainly) largely responsible for breaking it, there is likely a bigger reason for her floating this absurd idea.

In November of 2010, the Democratic Party suffered a political earthquake, the likes of which it hasn't seen in a century. A message was sent and, so far, Democrats have thumbed their collective noses at those who delivered it - the voters. Perdue is staring at the very real possibility that the tsunami that's likely in 2012 will make 2010 look like a ripple. It's an interesting coincidence that at about the same time Perdue was calling for a suspension of elections, Obama adviser David Axelrod expressed concern that those elections would be a 'titanic struggle' for the Democrats. Not only that but just two weeks ago, former Obama OMB Director Peter Orszag suggested that America could use a little less Democracy.

Moreover, in 2012, there are 21 Democratic Senators up for reelection and only 10 Republicans.

Perdue's words were not meant as a joke; they reflect an extreme level of desperation and fear. They are also likely to backfire by becoming the source of many a campaign ad. The fact that Perdue is governor of the state hosting the convention only adds fuel to the fire.

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