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Friday, September 23, 2011

Video: CNN Covers Fast and Furious after Eight Months

When I received an email from Issa's office yesterday, though it contained several video links, the one that caught my eye featured Oversight Committee chairman Issa on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, talking about the Fast and Furious scandal. That was surprising in and of itself but then after watching it, I was doubly surprised because it was actually quite fair. This scandal is not going away; it has been taking root for several months. In fact, it's getting bigger by the day. Scandals come and go all the time and as much as the left wing media has tried to further that cause on Fast and Furious, it has failed to this point. We're now seeing the media being dragged to the scandal instead of being instrumental in disposing of it.

People are going to start taking note, if for no other reason, than because it's been going on so long that it will start generating even more curiosity. Nonetheless, nothing earth-shattering in this exchange between Blitzer and Issa if you've been following the scandal via other venues but it's absolutely noteworthy that CNN has decided to put its toe in the water on Fast and Furious.

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