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Friday, September 23, 2011

Video: The Real Rick Perry Unmasked Himself in Debate

Remember the scene in 'Backdraft' where DeNiro takes Donald Sutherland's character - an imprisoned pyromaniac - in front of the parole board and gets him to show them he's still crazy? Therein lies a metaphor for last night's debate. With voters playing the role of the parole board, Perry playing the role of Sutherland, and the immigration issue playing the role of DeNiro, Perry may have torpedoed his chances with the American people when he defended his in-state tuition for illegal aliens position by saying if you don't agree with him, you 'don't have a heart.' The boos were cacophonous BEFORE Rick Santorum jumped on Perry's illogic by saying it makes no sense to subsidize a benefit for illegals that US citizens don't receive.

Hopefully, last night's debate will end the Tea Party's infatuation with Rick Perry. Mitt Romney sounded much more conservative.

Via from MediaIte via Weekly Standard:

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