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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Lie that the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda is Christian

If there is anyone who knows the truth about the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda, it's a man by the name of Sam Childers. In fact, a movie about Childers that stars Gerard Butler was recently released in theaters. Childers was a biker / heroin addict who served hard time before converting to Christianity. He then became a preacher and started his own mission to help the children of Southern Sudan. He has since constructed an orphanage over there for children and has even personally engaged in combat with LRA forces; the name of the film is 'Machine Gun Preacher,' which is how Childers is known.

If there is someone who could be identified as Childers' main human adversary, that distinction belongs to Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA. Kony is a monster, whose minions abduct children and put them on the front lines to fight. That is, if those children aren't tortured to death or made into sex slaves.

There appears to be a disturbing narrative developing as a result of Barack Obama's decision to send 100 troops into Uganda to fight against the LRA. That narrative includes a premise that says Joseph Kony is a Christian. In fact, according to Childers, Kony has added an 11th Commandment to the existing 10. That commandment is: 'Thou shalt not ride a bicycle.' Kony is no Christian. He is an insane compilation of protoplasm that is actually funded by the Arab Muslims of Northern Sudan. In fact, the fuel that is feeding the LRA's war on children is Arab Muslim money.

In 2007, I had the opportunity to interview Childers. Here is a portion of what he told me about Kony and the LRA:
Our area is almost all Christian people and the LRA is financed by the Arabs of the north... so the Arabs are the Muslims so it's basically a holy war inside of our area. This man (Kony) is just out to kill every Christian he can kill in south Sudan and also in Northern Uganda... He's being financed... it's been proved for many, many years that the Arabs of the northern Sudan ok, which is Muslims, they have been financing this man for many, many years.
Childers went on to tell me that Kony has been hiding in the Congo, which is makes it much more difficult to find him.

Kony is perhaps more evil than Adolf Hilter. What he does to children is unfathomable but there are two problems that must be highlighted with respect to sending troops into that region to get Kony. The obvious one has to do with our debt and the number of wars America is currently embroiled in. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and now Uganda. The second reason is the narrative I think we can expect to see coming from this administration. That narrative is that Kony is a radical Christian.

Check out what the Washington Post has to say:
Kony proclaims himself the “spokesperson” of God.

The group claims to be Protestant, with influences of mysticism. Kony believes he is a medium of the Holy Spirit.
The New York Times appears to be echoing this narrative as well:
Joseph Kony is one of the most vilified rebel leaders on the planet. He stands accused of brainwashing countless children across northern Uganda, turning the girls into sex slaves and the boys into prepubescent killers.

His so-called Christian movement, the Lord’s Resistance Army, has terrorized villagers in at least four countries in central Africa for nearly 20 years, killing tens of thousands of people, burning down huts and hacking off lips. The fact that Mr. Kony, whose followers believe he is a prophet, rarely appears in public has only added to his brutal mystique.
Missing from the mainstream reporting at this point is what Childers told me in 2007; Kony is financed by the Arab Muslims of Northern Sudan and if not for that, this war would end.

Based on what we know about the Obama administration, it does not strain credulity in the least to entertain the notion that he is going after Kony because the latter can be portrayed as a radical Christian.

We also know this administration likes to exploit the celebrity culture. Look for 'Machine Gun Preacher,' which just recently hit theaters to start being exploited as much as it can be. It is indeed an excellent film - despite one unnecessarily graphic sexual scene but the narrative that Joseph Kony is a Christian is a despicable one I expect to see pushed. Here is the movie trailer:

On a slightly different note, this song is played at the end of the film. It's by Chris Cornell - former lead singer of Audioslave. It's called 'The Keeper' and it's excellent:

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