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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Video Trailer: Navy SEALs Film to be a Blockbuster

Sorry for the second movie post in a row but they are both important and at least tangentially related. Keep your eyes open this coming February for a war movie that, based on the trailer, is one that is long overdue; it's one that celebrates America's military heroes instead of deriding them. This film is not only about Navy SEALs but features actual ones, which makes it a virtual lock to be better than the one that featured Charlie Sheen (see previous post) as a SEAL in Lebanon. Just based on the trailer alone, Act of Valor success at the box office is certain to be a full-throated rebuke of the trash Hollywood puts out.

See for yourself:

Compare that with the Charlie Sheen trailer from 1990 if you dare:

h/t Hot Air

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