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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Video: Mitt Romney's Achilles Heal Exposed in Debate

The candidate who landed the hardest blow on Mitt Romney was named Rick but his last name wasn't Perry; it was Santorum. By far, the achilles heal of Mitt Romney is ObamneyCare. For some reason, Rick Perry decided to go to the mat with Romney over the latter's hiring of a landscaping company that used illegal aliens, despite the fact that Rick Perry's most powerful ad was a recent one that masterfully highlighted the similarities between Obama and Romney while pointing to the fact that the former Massachusetts governor edited one sentence out of his book that called for government run health care across the United States. This is bad for Romney because his defense of Romneycare has been that he DOESN'T think it's right for the country. That position doesn't square with the sentence in his book that he had taken out and that is his biggest weakness.

In essence, Santorum used the content of Perry's ad and while Perry can be heard in the background of this clip echoing the charge brought up by Santorum, the Texas governor not only blew a big opportunity but he came out looking petulant by going after Romney on the illegal immigration issue.

Here is the exchange where Santorum successfully exposed Romney's biggest weakness. Via The Blaze:

Here is the excellent ad recently released by the Perry campaign that Santorum actually benefited from:

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