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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Video: Perry Slams Romney on Obamacare-Lite

Ever since Rick Perry got in the race, conservatives have been quite reluctant to go after him because they saw the race that is more than a year away, coming down to him and Romney. With Perry viewed as the lesser of two evils, conservatives didn't want to go after him much out of fear they might cut off their noses to spite their faces, and get stuck with Romney. From day one, I have rejected this strategy. It is defensive and Perry is NOT a conservative. Now, as we see the rise of Herman Cain, we may have the next best thing to conservatives vetting Perry; Perry and Romney destroying each other is one heck of a good option and here is a primary example of how it works. Team Perry has plenty of campaign cash and ads like this will only help the likes of Herman Cain, who didn't have to spend a dime in creating it.

I don't want Rick Perry anywhere near the White House at a time ripe for a true conservative but this is one HECK of a powerful ad. I hope Herman Cain took some time to call the Texas governor and thank him.

h/t Hot Air

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