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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Video: Successful Capitalists Stand with Occupy Wall Street Anti-Capitalists

Two of the most successful capitalists in today's 'entertainment' market - Russell Simmons and Kanye West - showed up in New York to express their solidarity with the anti-capitalist Occupy Wall Street protesters. It is utterly mind-boggling to actually grasp how devoid of intelligence these two are. At least the protesters don't like capitalism because they've either been unwilling or unable to 'capitalize' on it. These two doofuses are protesting that which has made them successful. It's like cursing the food in front of you because you're hungry.

Oh, and I'll at least give Simmons some credit for actually enunciating a message. Kayne West was apparently too overwhelmed to do the same, so he had Simmons do it for him. I felt like I was watching a Seinfeld episode as Simmons was talking about Kayne in the third person while Kayne stood next to him, silent.

Folks, these two are economic changelings.

h/t GWP

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