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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Videos: More from Occupy Oakland (Picking up from Previous Post)

In the previous post, I noted that protesters at Occupy Oakland vowed to return after being arrested and removed during a pre-dawn raid of their camp. Well, it appears they've decided to show up en masse, downtown and raise a bit of a ruckus. Again, there are a few very bad optics for these protesters. First, these flashmobs are creating the visible perception that cops are the underdogs based on sheer numbers. In the past, protesters weren't this big so the general public is likely willing to extend a bit more grace to law enforcement.

Second, the videos clearly show that police are bending over backwards to avoid being perceived as rougher than what is reasonable. Conversely, the protesters are coming across as deserving far more than what they're getting. Police are being cussed at and assaulted with paint bombs and tear gas (second video below).

Here are three videos courtesy of Verum Serum. The first is a view of the flashmob from several stories above. The second is an on-the-ground look at the same hodgepodge of miscreants who are being treated far too nicely. The third captures the moment when police have had enough and fire tear gas into a mass of humanity that had surrounded other officers. In essence, cops acted in self-defense. If these protesters are looking for sympathy, it increasingly looks like they could get much less of it. Remember, the mayor of Oakland is liberal Democrat, which brings an entirely new political angle into view. Liberal protesters being confronted by a liberal mayor in a very liberal city.

Lap it all up:

At some point, people should start finding Obama's silence deafening.

More at Verum Serum

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