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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Videos: Police Crack Down on Occupy Oakland, Following Orders of Liberal Mayor

The story of the Occupy Oakland protests is so wrought with irony, I can hardly stand it. This is Pelosi-country. Though OWS protests are happening all across the country, Oakland somehow became the most problematic for local government. Liberal Democrat Mayor Jean Quan issued orders last week that protesters had to vacate the premises by 10pm or they would be removed. Police didn't start carrying out the order until just before dawn on Tuesday, the 25th but carry it out they did. Oakland is also the place where none other than Van Jones got his start confronting police brutality as a communist sympathizer.

In the case of Occupy Oakland, Quan is supposed to be a sympathetic figure to the cause, right? Being a Democrat, it's going to be hard for the protesters to rationalize where to place the blame. Protesters lost this one for another reason as well. Since the 1960's, it's always been to the benefit of left wing whacko protesters to play the part of the victim when getting arrested. The optics always seemed to favor the miscreants and make the cops look like brutal minions of the state. That strategy doesn't seem to be working as well these days, nor should it. Law enforcement has actually been far too patient with these mental toddlers.

More good news? Protesters vowed to return and 're-claim' the park. Either way, that's a win for rational people. If they come back, Ms. Quan will continue to have to confront the manifestation of the liberalism she supports. If they don't return, Occupy Oakland dies.

HERE is a link to Quan's statement.

Via Breitbart:

h/t Hot Air

Here is more video from the Oakland Tribune:

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