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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cost of OWS to Taxpayers: $21 Million

There can be no doubt that Barack Obama isn't just presiding over an economic collapse; he wants it. As if record debt and deficits weren't enough, he's supporting a group of miscreants, most of whom live on taxpayer dollars, that are doing millions of dollars in damage all across the country.

Latest count is $21 Million.

Via GWP:
Occupy Asheville – $170,000
Occupy Atlanta – $652,000
Occupy Austin – $110,000
Occupy Boston – $575,000
Occupy Charlotte – $105,000
Occupy Chicago – $49,000
Occupy Cincinnati – $128,000
Occupy Des Moines – $7,800
Occupy DC – $870,000
Occupy Denver – $365,000
Occupy Eugene – $20,000
Occupy Fresno – $110,000
Occupy LA – $120,000 plus estimated $400,000 to repair the lawn
Occupy Long Beach – $40,000
Occupy Minnesota – $400,000
Occupy Nashville – $4,500
Occupy New York – $7,000,000
Occupy Oakland – $2,400,000 for police overtime alone
Occupy Philadelphia – $500,000
Occupy Phoenix – $200,000
Occupy Portland – $750,000 3.5 million + $50,000 to repair damaged parks
Occupy Providence – $9, 000
Occupy Raleigh – $60, 000
Occupy Sacramento – $300,000
Occupy San Diego – $2,400,000
Occupy San Francisco – $100,000
Occupy St. Louis – $2,200
Occupy Seattle – $625,999
– Total: Over $21,273,499
The amazing thing is the number of mayors who support this movement. If ever there was evidence that mayors couldn't care less about taxpayer dollars, the former's willingness to soak the latter has never been more obvious. Yeah, it's a tired metaphor but it fits:

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