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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Did Obama Administration Invite an Accomplice to Khobar Towers Bombing to White House?

The Khobar Towers bombing of 1996 killed 19 American servicemen. The FBI named the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRG) in an indictment. A man named Hadi al-Ameri was once the commander of the IRG. Suspicions of his involvement in that bombing are well-founded.

Today, he is Iraq's Transportation Minister under Nouri al-Maliki. On December 12th, al-Ameri was part of a delegation that visited the Oval Office. This raised concerns among a former FBI Director and a current Congresswoman, which prompted an official response from the White House. I draw your attention to what is in bold.

Via Fox Insider:
“We have no evidence of al-Ameri’s involvement with the Khobar Towers attacks, nor do we have any evidence of Hadi al-Ameri’s involvement in any act of violence against U.S. citizens. Hadi al-Ameri is the minister of transportation in the democratically elected Iraqi government. He is a longstanding partner and interlocutor of the Unites States Government, going back to the previous administration.”
It would seem that the White House, as has become commonplace, is parsing its words. This is very lawyerly verbiage and indicates a willingness to concede that al-Ameri HAS perpetrated violence against non-U.S. citizens. You will be shocked at just how bad it is.

There will be more on this in coming days.

Al-Ameri, like al-Maliki, is Shi'ite and the fact that the former holds a position this high in Iraq's government is not only disturbing but could be evidence that Iraq has already begun the process of falling into the hands of Iran.

Bringing US troops home only to leave Iraq in the hands of people like this cannot be good.

Here is an interview with a survivor of the Khobar attacks, William Schooley, on Fox News. He is obviously not happy with al-Ameri's White House visit.

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See here:
Perhaps he came to thank Hussein for the spy drone?

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