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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Seattle Police Release Video of Violent OWS Protesters

On December 12th, OWS protesters attempted to shut down major ports along the Pacific Coast. In Seattle, these miscreants released videos that portrayed themselves as victims against brutal police officers. Unfortunately for these thugs, the police recorded video of their own and it shows OWS for what it is, a bunch of bad melodramatic actors who use violence in the name of peace.

In fact, these 'peaceful' protesters hurled bricks and rebar at police, who responded appropriately.

This actually is reminiscent of the Gaza flotilla raid, in which Israel had video of the supposedly 'peaceful' boat riders assaulting them with weapons. If not for that video, Israel would have been much more successfully demonized. They still were anyway but the video convinced anyone who was willing to be objective.

Also, remember that none other than Van Jones endorsed these December 12th port shutdown attempts. He appears to have shifted his focus away from creating 'green jobs.' Stirring it up with cops is how he got his start.

Here is a news report from Fox 28 in Seattle, via The Blaze:

Remember this? OWS and CAIR are on the same side too.

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