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Monday, December 5, 2011

Hey Liberals, We TOLD YA! Your Socialists in Egypt got Spanked by Muslim Brotherhood

I realize that rubbing the noses of people who have been proven wrong into the 'I told you so' dirt can often be counter-productive and is the quintessential win/lose dynamic; it shouldn't be used often but this is the PERFECT time to whip out that card.

When the 'Arab Spring' was first in bloom, those of us who have studied history, actually pointed to it. The left - to include the likes of the mainstream media - wanted none of it. They preferred instead, to cry along with the liberal youth in Egypt, rooting for them as if they were the best hope for a free Egypt.

We told them: Hey whackos, look at Iran in 1978-79. That was a left-wing / socialist uprising too. The Islamists and the leftists joined hands and helped each other overthrow the Shah. Once that happened, the Islamists executed the leftists. But you didn't want to hear any of that.

Now, look. We Told Ya.

Via Fox News:
Egypt's top reformist leader has said the liberal youth behind the country's uprising have been "decimated" in parliamentary elections dominated by Islamists and expressed concern about the rise of hard-line religious elements advocating extremist ideas such as banning women from driving. 
Mohamed ElBaradei, a Nobel Prize laureate and possible presidential candidate, said Sunday he hopes moderate Islamists will rein in the extremists and send a reassuring message to the world that Egypt will not go down an ultraconservative religious path. 
"The youth feel let down. They don't feel that any of the revolution's goals have been achieved," ElBaradei told The Associated Press in an interview on the same day electoral authorities announced that Islamist parties captured an overwhelming majority of votes in the first round of elections last week. "They got decimated," he said, adding the youth failed to unify and form "one essential critical mass." 
The High Election Commission announced that the Islamic fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party garnered 36.6 percent of the 9.7 million valid ballots cast last week for party lists. The Nour Party, representing the more hard-line Salafi Islamists, captured 24.4 percent.
All of this was beyond predictable by those of us who knew better. This is not 'Armchair Quarterback' stuff either. If it were, it'd be like questioning the decision to punt on first down. If a liberal every gives you a stock tip or tells you a certain horse is a 'sure thing,' RUN!

The only thing left to discover is the depth of left-wing pride. My guess is that it's somewhere down the abyss.

h/t GWP

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