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Monday, December 5, 2011

More Circumstantial Evidence Obama Knew about Fast and Furious

The White House recently released a stack of visitor logs and though there are several interesting names on those logs, one in particular stands out in two respects. In 2010, Gary Grindler was Deputy Attorney General and was quite familiar with the Fast and Furious operation. In fact, he was definitely in the 'know.' The timing of his four visits in May of that year is rather coincidental if it's not causal because it was at the peak of the operation that ultimately led to the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

Via Doug Ross:
Item 1: In March of 2011, President Obama denied knowledge of 'Operation Fast and Furious' -- the Justice Department program that sent thousands of murder weapons to Mexican drug cartels..

Item 2: According to documents obtained by the House Judiciary Committee, Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler was keenly aware of all aspects of Operation Fast and Furious as early as March 2010.

Item 3: Newly released White House Visitor Logs list Grindler as having visited the White House 40 times, but only four times with the President himself. All four meetings with the President occurred over a two-week period, between 7 May 2010 and 19 May 2010.

Summary: In early 2010, Gary Grindler was intimately involved in all aspects of Operation Fast and Furious. During the height of the operation, Grindler visited the President on four separate occasions in only two weeks -- his only documented meetings with the president at the White House.
But that's not all. The White House, in its attempt to throw a blanket on these highly suspicious coincidences, has pointed to the Soros-funded, highly partisan, White House interference-running, propaganda machine operating as a news source, Media Matters. Via Daily Caller:
A White House spokesman pointed Friday to an account published by the left-wing advocacy group Media Matters for America in its denial of three online claims that President Barack Obama was briefed about the failed “Operation Fast and Furious” gun-walking program in 2010. 
According to recently released White House visitor logs, then-Deputy Attorney General Gary Grindler was admitted to the White House four times in 2010 between May 7 and May 19.
The Los Angeles Times has reported that the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives program was at its peak during May 2010. 
Grindler was briefed in depth about Fast and Furious on March 12, 2010. At least three different investigators on the political right have suggested that those visitor logs indicate Obama met with Grindler personally, since the president was identified as Grindler’s “visitee” on the visitor logs.
Media Matters then pointed to a description for Grindler's meeting with Obama that wasn't included in the postings of Ross, Big Government, and Sipsey Street. There is a problem with this and it has to do with what the Department of Justice did just last week; it admitted that the February 4, 2011 letter it sent to Charles Grassley was being rescinded because it has admitted the letter consisted of falsified information.

This places the burden of credibility firmly on the shoulders of the Justice Department, which has been consistently inconsistent while whistleblowers like John Dodson haven't budged when it comes to their accounts.

More here.

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