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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Videos: Gingrich calls himself a 'Wilsonian,' Glenn Beck Filets Him

When Glenn Beck said he would consider voting for Ron Paul as a third party candidate if Newt Gingrich wins the Republican nomination, I must admit, my reaction involved wondering if Beck had finally lost it. The conclusion one is left to draw is that Beck sees no difference between Gingrich and Obama because an Obama victory would be the result of Ron Paul running as a third party candidate.

This video double dose from The Blaze may actually cause you to re-think Beck's position, as well as yours - if you're supporting Gingrich.

First up, some undated video (probably within last ten years) of Gingrich calling himself a 'Realpolitik Wilsonian' (think Democrat progressive Woodrow Wilson).

Video of Newt Gingrich championing himself as a Wilsonian could be a political torpedo to his campaign. Here is Beck analyzing the reality of what Gingrich said in the above video.

It's really tough to argue with him on this:

Something tells me that Newt may need to get very, very specific about his past comments and beliefs. Either he's a progressive in sheep's clothing OR he's had a road to Damascus experience.

Regardless of who your candidate is, Beck is bringing up very legitimate points about Gingrich that need to be probed further.

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