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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Video: Comedy Central's Jon Stewart Mocks Man behind Lowe's Decision to Pull Advertising

The Florida Family Association's David Caton appears to have been successful in getting Lowe's Home Improvement to pull its advertising off of The Learning Channel's show, All American Muslim. His argument is being severely twisted by the left-wing media, including Comedy Central's Jon Stewart. In essence, Caton is saying that the show is an inaccurate depiction of Muslim life. In this clip, Stewart mocks Caton profusely by twisting the premise to make it sound like Caton would be happier if TLC played to his allegedly stereotypical view of Muslims.

What Stewart misses - and what Caton has failed to adequately enunciate - is that the Imam featured heavily in the program is a terrorist-supporting extremist. Husham Alhusayni supports Hezbollah and the reality about how he runs his mosque in Dearborn, MI is far different from how he is portrayed in the television program. The argument is not that TLC is refusing to play to stereotypes. The argument - and the truth - is that it is portraying radicals as moderate.

There will be much more on Alhusayni coming out in the next few days.

Via Comedy Central:

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