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Friday, February 24, 2012

Obama on Gas Prices Then vs. Now

First up, Barack Obama on the Campaign trail four years ago, touting wind, solar, and bio-fuels. Note that he talks about not having to worry about high gas prices in future summers because of his promise to invest in alternative energy sources. More than three years into his term, which started with gas prices at about $1.85 / gallon, is the specter of $4 / gallon gasoline and $500 Million down the Solyndra money pit.

Contrast that with what White House press secretary Jay Carney said just yesterday about their being no magic solutions to high gas prices:


Ok, so in 2008, we were told that because of our investment in solar panels, we wouldn't have to worry about high gas prices. In 2012, the administration admits failure without admitting failure by saying there are "no magic solutions."

So, then, who was the genius who told Obama to tout algae as an alternate energy source just this week in Miami. I'd say algae being the answer to high gas prices is rather magical:

Just a few months ago, in addition to touting "algae" as a solution, Obama suggested "wood chips" and "switchgrass" would be good too.

Again, pretty magical, eh Mr. Carney? Oh, if lies were switchgrass, just think of the possibilities.

h/t Hapblog

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