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Friday, February 24, 2012

Video: Mitt Romney / Ron Paul Alliance now Obvious?

Wouldn't you love to know how the Ron Paul purists rationalize this bit of hypocrisy? It is becoming increasingly apparent that there is some sort of a deal between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. If true, the "incorruptible" congressman from Texas has apparently decided to compromise his principles and fight for the nomination of Mitt Romney.

Ron Paul, you know, the guy who touts himself as the only candidate who doesn't play politics and simply does what's right, is said to have reached an agreement with Mitt Romney. At least according to former Congressman Joe Scarborough, there is zero doubt. Ditto for campaign strategist Mark McKinnon.

The speculation is that the deal between Paul and Romney is that Senator Rand Paul will be offered the VP slot if Romney gets the nomination. One thing is for sure, though. In the debates, Romney and Paul have left each other alone.

Politics as usual, hey Pauliens? I thought Mitt Romney was Dracula without a cape.

h/t Hot Air

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