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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Fast and Furious: Fox's William La Jeunesse provides Critical information about those two FBI Informants

On yesterday's installment of Fox's Special Report, a very short but extremely explosive segment seems to have flown under the radar for now. Sipsey Street's Mike Vanderboegh caught it live and posted it to his website but to this point, the only thing further I've been able to find on the story is a transcript posted to Lexis Nexis, which is posted below.

We first learned that the ATF allegedly let Fast and Furious ringleader Manuel Celis-Acosta free after having reason enough to arrest him twice, was so that he could gather more information on two drug lords. The Los Angeles Times reported the story and revealed that those two drug lords were actually... wait for it... FBI informants. According to Vanderboegh, the two men are brothers and one of them only has one arm. Their names are Eduardo and Jesus Miramonte and they reportedly are intimately involved in the murder of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

Here is the relevant excerpt from La Jeunesse's report:
WALLACE: New this evening, the justice department is pushing back against claims that lawmakers on Capitol Hill did not receive recently disclosed "Fast and Furious" documents. Justice says they were law enforcement sensitive, and whoever leaked them is compromising the department prosecutions.

Correspondent William La Jeunesse examines some other lingering questions, including doubts about the ATF's desire to bust the gun tracking ring.

WILLIAM LA JEUNESSE, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): When buying a gun, buyers must state on this federal affidavit the gun is for them, not someone else, otherwise, it's a felony. In March 2010, Uriel Patino (ph) bought eight weapons at this store and claimed the guns were for himself. Two days later, police found Patino's guns in Manuel Celis-Acosta's car, yet, the ATF arrested neither.

In fact, agents allowed Patino to lie on applications and buy another 300 weapons (ph) for Acosta, spending over $300,000 while on food stamps. Police even stopped Acosta at the Mexican border with 75 rounds of ammunition and nine cell phones hidden in his car. Still, the ATF let him go.

Why? Well, the agency claimed it wanted the big fish in Mexico buying the guns. Unknown to them, those fish worked for the FBI. The identities of Eduardo and Jesus Miramonte Esverella (ph) had been kept secret until now. Sources familiar with classified material say the two were national security assets, untouchable and unindictable. Documents they say the FBI never told the ATF.

CHUCK GRASSLEY, (R-IA) SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE: One agency works hard to get information, and they don't want to share with others.

LA JEUNESSE: The Miramontes (ph) worked as informants for police in Miami, the Marshall service and DEA before the FBI say sources who believe the two spent $250,000 on "Fast and Furious" guns, about two-thirds of which are still missing.

GRASSLEY: You're getting at the very basis of our investigation, but I'm going to have to wait until I get the information before we bring down the hammer.

LA JEUNESSE (on-camera): Asked about the role of their informants in "Fast and Furious," the FBI said today, quote, "It cannot provide additional information even when inaccuracies are being reported because of a pending investigation. We do know the FBI did brief the ATF 11 months and hundreds of guns after `Fast and Furious' began."
In Los Angeles, William La Jeunesse, Fox News.
Again, the fact that this information is not being released by the Justice Department, but through back channel leaks only serves to further demonstrate just how devastating this is to Eric Holder.

**UPDATE** Video of La Jeunesse's report is below. Here is a link to an article with more detail.

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