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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Video: New Evidence shows Jesse, Al, and Barack should shut their mouths about Trayvon Martin shooting

It looks like there is shocking new evidence to come out in the Trayvon Martin case and it involves a witness who claims to have seen the entire episode. He was interviewed by the Fox affiliate in Tampa and appears to paint a picture of what happened that is completely different from the narrative being pushed by the typical race-baiters. The fact remains that Martin was unarmed but if the testimony from this witness is accurate, it points to Martin actually attacking Zimmerman.

The meme being pushed by the race-baiters is that Zimmerman was going after Martin while talking to a 911 operator, who told him not to continue. The implication - if you listen to the race baiters - is that Zimmerman kept pursuing Martin while also being the only one of the two with a gun. This witness, who would not go on camera, seems to indicate that Zimmerman listened to the 911 operator and turned back before Martin attacked him.

Again, according to this witness, Zimmerman fits the description of the person who was on the bottom of a scrum between two people and Martin fits the description of the person who was on top, attacking him. The fact remains that Zimmerman was the only person in possession of a gun so if he shot Martin, it may have been a case of excessive deadly force in response to what Martin was doing to him. That could be offset by one possibility. Was Martin going for Zimmerman's gun?

We still don't know the answers to these questions but that doesn't seem to stop the race baiters. Anyway, here is the news report from Fox's Tampa affiliate (h/t Free Republic):

We all remember when President Barack Obama was asked about the arrest of his friend and (black) professor, Henry Louis Gates. He jumped to conclusions after admitting he didn't "have all the facts" and said the "police acted stupidly." As those facts came in, we learned that the police acted lawfully and it was our president who acted stupidly by speaking without the facts he admitted he did not have. It led to the face-saving and now infamous White House beer summit. Conclusions were jumped to based almost entirely on race.

Now, after the initial reports of the Trayvon Martin shooting painted the picture of an innocent boy returning home from the store with little more than a bag of skittles, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have already assumed their roles as bomb-throwing race-baiters who love to rub raw the sores of racial discontent. Obama, who either doesn't understand the size of his pulpit or does and loves to misuse it, said that if he had a son, he'd "look just like Trayvon."

Mr. Obama should be careful because he's coming precipitously close to saying that George Zimmerman acted stupidly. Whether he did or didn't, as Obama said prior to being proven wrong in the Henry Louis Gates case, "we don't know all the facts."

One other thing to note here. Zimmerman is Hispanic.

Via MediaIte:

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