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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Filmmaker claims evidence that Frank Marshall Davis was Barack Obama's Father

Consider this to be a new angle for the Birthers to pursue. There has been speculation over the years, from various sources, that Barack Obama's father was actually Communist Party USA member, Frank Marshall Davis. If such a charge can be proven, it would necessarily mean that Barack Obama knowingly and intentionally produced a fraudulent Birth Certificate both before he was elected and again last year, when Donald Trump pressed the issue.

The Fraudulent Birth Certificate meme that has been floating around since Sheriff Joe Arpaio got involved seems to be one that is getting more traction than the narrative that Obama was born in Kenya. Below is a trailer from a film that is going to be released in July called, Dreams from my REAL Father.

Hypothetical, yes, but if it were to be proven that Davis was Barack Obama's real father, it would mean that Obama was eligible to be president only before presenting a Birth Certificate that stated his father was Barack Obama, Sr. After doing that, he would be guilty of a felony.

Perhaps the most compelling evidence put forth in this video is a claim that there were multiple nude photos of Obama's mother - Stanley Ann Dunham - taken inside the home of Frank Marshall Davis about the same time the president would have been conceived.

All that to say, Barack Obama is truly a victim if any of this is true. He had no say in who his father was or how traumatic such a revelation may have been for him. However, that would not excuse him from committing an impeachable offense by presenting a fraudulent identification document as authentic, if that's indeed what has happened.

The evidence that the Birth Certificate produced last year is fraudulent is the most compelling yet in this whole saga. Arpaio says there is probable cause that it is a forgery. If that can be proven, the next question that needs to be answered is, why?

Worth a watch if nothing else.

1 comment:

Kaleokualoha said...

My, what an ACTIVE imagination. There is no evidence that Obama's mother ever met Davis, much less that he photographed her or is Obama's father.

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