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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video: Baptist Preacher uses decapitation metaphor against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Perhaps Ted Nugent should call the Secret Service's tip line and direct them to Springfield, IL, the site of an appearance by Wisconsin's Governor, Scott Walker. Not far from where Walker was, there was a union rally where members were being whipped up into a frenzy by the likes of Rev. T. Ray McJunkins and William McNary.

An allegory is a visual symbol representing an abstract idea. The allegory used by McJunkins was so abstract that, one could argue, Scott Walker was being compared to a Philistine (Palestinian) and union members to Jews. Here, he exhorts the union thugs to compare Scott Walker to Goliath and themselves to David, who decapitated Goliath.

Yes, David was Jewish and for what it's worth, Walker has been the underdog in this fight; he's had to go up against the Obama-backed unions. How is Walker compared to Goliath?

These people are insane. That's how.

Via EAGNews, h/t Free Republic:

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