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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Video: Black Woman goes off on TV News Cameras over biased coverage

This is a follow-up to the story of a white man named Matthew Owens, who was beaten nearly to death by several blacks in a Mobile, AL neighborhood. As WKRG TV news cameras were attempting to do a story from the scene, a black female resident in the neighborhood, named Lemika Whisenhunt began yelling from behind the reporter's back, giving reasons why she thought coverage of the story was biased and in favor of Owens, who is currently in critical condition.

Whisenhunt's argument is that Owens is a racist who regularly comes out from his house swinging knives and calling black children "Ni***rs."

Uh, Lemika, even if that's true, the answer is not to get a mob together - that includes children - and beat Owens to within an inch of his life.

Note the expressions on the reporter's face throughout this video.

Via WKRG, h/t GWP:

You'll notice at the end of that video, Whisenhunt directs the news crew to where they can find her to get her side of the story. Presumably, the video below is a follow up report because it features Whisenhunt. In it, she vehemently denies that the beating of Owens has anything to do with the Trayvon case - despite witnesses claiming they heard members of the mob refer to "justice for Trayvon. Instead, according to Whisenhunt, Owens was beaten because he "does not like black kids."

I'll say it again, Lemika. Even if you are correct, it does not justify beating a man to the point where he may not survive. That said, as you will see at the end of this news report, Owens does seem to have quite a rap sheet.

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