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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Video: CNN's Jack Cafferty says Romney should be more open about Mormonism

The mainstream media is continuing its subtle attacks on Mitt Romney's religion. In some cases - see Lawrence O'Donnell - the attacks haven't been as subtle. CNN's Jack Cafferty seems to be using the David Gregory approach. The MSM doesn't want to appear bigoted so is clearly trying to set a narrative that says Mormonism is an issue because of Romney's intimate involvement with it. They know why Romney doesn't want to talk about it; the doctrine and history of the religion would be considered quite bizarre to most people. They also know that most people don't know that kind of detail.

Make no mistake, however. These guys know that doing so has more downside for Romney than upside, which is why Romney doesn't appear all that interested in discussing the subject. Cafferty knows this and says that Romney should not avoid talking about his religion, for several reasons.

Via MediaIte:
On Tuesday’s “Cafferty File,” CNN contributor Jack Cafferty said that likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney needs to embrace his Mormon faith and prepare an address, similar to one he gave in 2008, in order to clear up misconceptions about the religion that are still held by many Americans. Oddly, Cafferty gave a similar presentation less than a year ago and came to the opposite conclusion – that a speech Romney gave in 2008 could be blamed for ending his presidential campaign in the last cycle.
Isn't that interesting? CNN's Cafferty thinks it's important for Romney to be more open about Mormonism as the former Massachusetts Governor has all but clinched the Republican nomination. Yet, last year, Cafferty asserted that doing so in 2008 torpedoed his chances then.

Should tell you all you need to know about why Cafferty thinks Romney should do the same thing now.

Folks, the MSM is going to bludgeon Romney with his religion. Why the Republican Party establishment doesn't see this is beyond me.

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