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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Video: NBC's David Gregory says Romney will have to talk about Mormonism

Here is another PERFECT example of how the mainstream media is going to make Mormonism an issue in this campaign. During an appearance on the Tonight Show, NBC's David Gregory alludes to Romney's candidacy as momentous because he will be the country's very first Mormon presidential nominee. How can Gregory be perceived as a bigot by doing that?

Note the technique Gregory is using here. He's basically highlighting how high up in the Mormon church Romney is while mentioning that the former Massachusetts Governor doesn't seem all that interested in talking about his religion. Gregory also says that Americans don't know much about Mormonism and then implies that Romney must help them learn by talking more about it.

One thing is certain and I hope Romney is prepared for it; Americans will learn a bunch more about Mormonism in the coming months, assuming that Romney is the nominee.

Via The Atlantic:

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