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Thursday, April 5, 2012

78-Year-Old White Male attacked by youths shouting, 'Remember Trayvon'

A 78-year-old man walking home in Toledo, OH was attacked by several youths - both black and white - in what could be a hate crime. Not only that but they shouted, 'Remember Trayvon' while beating Dallas Watts. The Toledo Blade reports that Watts may have invoked the name 'Trayvon' first, in an attempt to diffuse the situation but it appears that racial epithets were hurled at Watts while he was being beaten.

The story of Trayvon Martin's killing has been spun by race-baiting opportunists, apparatchiks, and a sycophantic media all too eager to do their bidding. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) all fed the hatred by pushing forth a narrative that has been manufactured and false, in order to push a racial agenda. Based on the information that has come out in the days since, that's really not up for dispute.

While gasoline was being poured on the fire in Sanford courtesy of those men / groups, a white man was nearly beaten to death by two black men wielding a hammer - in the same area (Sanford) where Trayvon was killed. Suspicions remain about the motivations of those two men but maybe when their victim can be taken off life support, he can help us find out.

In the case of Dallas Watts, his assailants appear to have been fueled, in part, by the Trayvon shooting.

Via the Toledo Blade:
Mr. Watts said one of the boys delivered a single blow to the back of his head during the incident Saturday, knocking the victim to the ground.

At one point, the victim recalled being lifted from the ground so one of the boys could "drop-kick" him in the chest.

One boy, he said, put his foot on the back of the victim's neck, with another shouting, "Kill him."

While Mr. Watts was down the boys kicked him, over and over, shouting, "[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon ... Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man]," according to a police report.
Again, using the logic of the left, Sharpton and Company are guilty.


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The Blade said...

The Blade, 4/7/12: "Police say the robbery and assault of a 78-year-old Toledo man by six juveniles were not racially motivated and his account of what happened might have been exaggerated. On Thursday, Toledo police Capt. Wes Bombrys said investigators determined the crime involving Dallas Watts was not racially motivated. On Friday, police Sgt. Phil Toney agreed, adding, "After the investigation, it was revealed that the story told by Mr. Watts was somewhat exaggerated, although he was assaulted and robbed. His story as to how everything happened appears to be a little bit exaggerated. " … It's causing issues here that shouldn't be here," Sergeant Toney said. "Let the police and courts do what they need to do and handle it. The people who robbed and assaulted Watts have been charged."

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