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Friday, May 18, 2012

Here we go: Mitt Romney, Jeremiah Wright, and the John McCain Redux

With all of these audio recordings of Jeremiah Wright just hanging out there like a big fat hanging curveball approaching the conservative wheelhouse, Mitt Romney is saying he would rather not swing and hope the umpire says it's out of the strike zone. Just like McCain in 2008, Romney does not want to make Jeremiah Wright an issue. In fact, he is repudiating the efforts of a Super PAC to wage a Jeremiah Wright ad campaign.

Welcome to the reason why the liberal media wanted Mitt Romney to be the nominee. They know that once Mormonism becomes an issue in the campaign, Romney can be bludgeoned with it. Hannity makes the very valid point here that he wants Romney to go after Obama like he went after Gingrich.

However, throughout the Republican primary, Hannity stayed away from endorsing any candidate and did not go after Romney despite all indications that Romney would behave just like this if he got the nomination. Perhaps Sean should have been more vocal in his opposition to Mitt (assuming that wasn't his preference).

Via MediaIte:

Here is Hannity on his television show, later,

Here is McCain in 2008 behaving just like Romney appears to be now:

This is as good a reason as any why Romney doesn't want to go after Jeremiah Wright. One day prior to Romney's repudiation of the idea, CNN's Roland Martin fired a liberal shot across the bow, saying that if Romney wants to bring up Wright, Mormonism will be on the table.

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