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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Indicator conservative bloggers are winning: We're under Joe Scarborough's skin

What set the liberal Joe Scarborough off in this rant was the notion that conservative bloggers think Jeb Bush  is a RINO after learning that Jeb said Reagan 'would have a hard time' in today's Republican Party because of the demands of its conservative base and its alleged unwillingness to compromise with the other side.

Of course, lost on folks like Jeb Bush is that the Democratic Party of today is far, far left of the Democratic Party of Reagan's time and the Republican Party - until the rise of the Tea Party - had gone much further left as well. We now know that Barack Obama lied about being a registered member of a Socialist Party (New Party).

As for compromise, perhaps someone should direct Jeb to the first two years of the Obama administration. Does the $787 Billion Stimulus or Obamacare ring a bell?

Anyway, here is Scarborough taking his liberal indignation up a notch, ripping conservative bloggers and telling anyone who thinks Jeb is a RINO to 'shut the hell up.' Lost on Scarborough is the fact that unlike him, we conservative bloggers aren't beholden to MSNBC Brass the propaganda arm of the Obama administration and don't sit next to a far left socialist (Mika) for several hours every day.

Before you watch the clip, keep this quote in mind (often attributed to Ghandi but origin unknown):
First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they ridicule you, then you win.
Take heart, conservative bloggers. Joe Scarborough is in the ridicule stage. You're almost there.

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