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Friday, June 8, 2012

Video: Allen West's comment about Commies in Congress still has legs

In an interview with Mitt Romney adviser Eric Ferhnstrom, Wolf Blitzer brought up statements made by Allen West in April about 78-81 members of the Democratic Party being Communists. Is it a coincidence that Blitzer did this on the same day that Stanley Kurtz exposed Barack Obama as a liar in 2008 regarding his membership in the Socialist New Party?

It's understandable why Ferhnstrom didn't take the bait; the strategy of the Romney campaign has been to stay on message, which is this election is about the economy and nothing else. It's also understandable because that strategy seems to be working.

Nonetheless, it is a bit of a disappointment to see Romney's mouthpiece say that the campaign doesn't agree with West. Why? Because West is correct. This was actually an opportunity for Ferhnstrom to possibly get Blitzer to stop talking about the subject by bringing up the new revelation from Kurtz, that Obama was a member of a socialist political party and lied about it. Not bringing that up was very John McCainish on the part of Ferhnstrom.

CLICK HERE to see the exchange at Huffington Post.

Here is the statement made by West two months ago that has gotten under the skin of the libs. If it isn't true, why hasn't it died a quick death? As for Ferhnstrom, it's too bad that the truth has become so politically untenable to profess.

h/t WZ

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