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Friday, June 8, 2012

Video: Eric Holder's 'Baghdad Bob' Moment on 'Fast and Furious'

The first half of the five minute exchange between Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Eric Holder at yesterday's House Judiciary Committee hearing is not in this clip because it involved a futile attempt by Chaffetz to get Holder to agree to meet privately with him to discuss Fast and Furious. However, the second half of the exchange (seen below) is by far the best half because Holder actually denied that the phrase 'Fast and Furious' appeared in an email Chaffetz was reading aloud, despite the phrase 'Fast and Furious' being in the email.

Holder's refusal to admit this indisputable fact actually seemed to induce a look of apoplexy on Chaffetz's face. It was almost as if Holder's claim was so outrageous that Chaffetz began questioning what he already knew to be true... until he re-read the email again and confirmed it. Also, take note of how confident Holder and his team are when Chaffetz brings up the email. It's as if they scoffed at something they could easily bat away by saying the email Chaffetz was reading was about Operation Wide Receiver.

Uh, if it was about Wide Receiver, why are the letters arranged in such a way that they spell 'Fast and Furious'?

This is one of those hidden gems that could have as much staying power as Holder saying last year that he had only learned about Fast and Furious "a few weeks" earlier when, in reality he'd learned about it more than two months earlier.

Via Human Events:

And, of course, Baghdad Bob:

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