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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Video: Is S.E. Cupp coming down with Scarborough syndrome?

"Conservative" S.E. Cupp's stinging criticism of Clint Eastwood's speech could be an early indicator that she may be coming down with Scarborough Syndrome.

Joe Scarborough was first elected to Congress in 1994, as part of the 'Contract with America' movement after two years of Bill Clinton. Less than ten years ago, he had his own show on MSNBC - Scarborough Country - in which he was far more conservative than he is today as co-host of Morning Joe. So what happened? Aside from the obvious answer, that the Obama administration all but uses MSNBC as a ventriloquist dummy and its hosts have to be very conscious of how far they can go, Scarborough befriended leftist Mika Brzezinski, who is his co-host. He also surrounds himself with liberals every day.

It is human nature to want to be accepted by one's peers. When those peers are collectivist-minded liberals who would rather gang up on the lone conservative than find differences among themselves, it translates into peer pressure. Conservatives who swim in a tank full of liberals every day can appear to almost subconsciously and slowly cry uncle, ceding what they believe to be minor points in the hopes of gaining acceptance.

That never works. On the contrary, the behavior is reinforced when liberals let up and laugh along or nod in agreement.

That leads to S.E. Cupp. She is a young conservative who recently took a gig at MSNBC as a panelist on a show called The Cycle. Often the lone conservative alongside three very liberal co-hosts, Cupp is susceptible to Joe Scarborough syndrome and her response to Thursday night's Clint Eastwood speech at the convention may be an early symptom. It wasn't just that she didn't like it. The manner in which she expressed that dislike was red meat to her co-hosts. That could be another symptom.

If there was one thing about the Republican convention that got under the skin of the liberal media, it was Eastwood's speech, in which he talked to an empty chair as if Obama was sitting in it. When the subject of Eastwood's speech was brought up, liberals became the most rabid. There are also indications that the speech got under Obama's skin; a tweet was sent out from @BarackObama that included a photo of the president in a chair with a caption that read, "this seat is taken".

Here is S.E. Cupp going overboard in her criticism of Eastwood. Is she in the early stages of Scarborough Syndrome? Her derision did at least two things; it ingratiated her with the liberals she was sitting with and it helped the liberal cause.

Via MediaIte:

Here is a Reuters news report on Eastwood's speech and the tweet that came out of the White House. Clearly, if MSNBC is an arm of the White House and the Eastwood speech got under the skin of Obama to such a degree, did S.E. Cupp decide to keep her job by deriding Eastwood instead of siding with conservatives? Ask yourselves when a liberal would ever ridicule someone on their side like Cupp did Eastwood. There are clearly far more instances in which they should have.

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