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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Video: Planned Parenthood's Holocaust Apologist

Proof that Planned Parenthood is evil. In the abortion debate, you have those who believe that life begins at conception vs. those who believe life begins after the mother and child are separated at birth. The pro-death abortionists have officially run headlong into the buzz saw of a reality that they are committing crimes on par with - or worse than - those committed by the Nazis.

This video provides the proof.

Her name is Alisa LaPolt Snow and she is a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood in Florida. In this video, she is answering questions from Florida legislators who seek to determine what Planned Parenthood's position is on the murder of infants that takes place after babies are born alive, following a botched abortion. Using Planned Parenthood's own logic, once the baby is separated from the mother, it is a living, breathing human being. Here is where the entire pro-choice argument falls apart.

If LaPolt says the baby should not be murdered at that point, Planned Parenthood is on the hook for committing an untold number of murders. If she says the murder can proceed, the entire premise that life begins outside the womb is demonstrably false.

Watch as LaPolt defends the murder of the most innocent of people.

Via Weekly Standard:

After seeing that, check this out from a "former" abortion provider (h/t Mitch):

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