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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Why the 'White Supremacist' talk by Chris Matthews may just backfire on him

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Race-baiting, Alinsky-acolyte Chris Matthews has practically been hyperventilating at the prospect of the white supremacist group - Aryan Brotherhood of Texas - being responsible for the murders of two District Attorneys in Kaufman County, Texas (Mark Hasse on January 31st and Mike McLelland on Easter weekend) and the Executive Director of the Colorado state prison system, Tom Clements.

As Breitbart's Brandon Darby points out, the mainstream media in general has been eager to push this narrative as well.

Once established, the premise is easy to understand. The likes of Chris Matthews and the rest of the Obama media are attempting to compare these white supremacists to conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Republicans. As is so often the case with these leftists, any time they attempt to make these connections, they usually implicate themselves.

This is where, once again, the left runs into huge problems.

First, take the case of Clements' murder. The primary suspect is the now deceased Evan Ebel, whose father - a Democrat - is close friends with Colorado's Democratic Governor, John Hickenlooper. In an interview with Denver's NBC affiliate, Hickenlooper admitted that Jack Ebel - Evan's father - contributed to his campaign.

Via the AP:
Hickenlooper confirmed his relationship with Jack Ebel to The Denver Post and KUSA-TV Friday evening and then in a written statement Friday night. State records show Ebel donated $1,050 to the governor's 2010 campaign. But there's no indication that Hickenlooper's relationship with the Ebels played a role in the shooting.

Hickenlooper denied having any role in Evan Ebel's parole.

"Although Jack loved his son, he never asked me to intervene on his behalf and I never asked for any special treatment for his son," Hickenlooper's written statement said.
Though Hickenlooper may be telling the truth, he's a Democrat and if there's one thing we know about Democrats, it's that they lie with impunity.

Here is a video from March 22nd, one day after Evan Ebel's death. In it, an NBC 9 reporter attempts to get some answers from Hickenlooper about his relationship with Jack Ebel and whether the contributions to Hickenlooper's campaign prompted the Colorado Governor to talk to Clements about the son of his friend.

It's already been reported that Evan Ebel was released four years earlier than he should have been. We have also been told that solitary confinement got to Evan and may be responsible for making him become more violent / crazy.

Again, via the AP:
Attorney Jack Ebel testified before the Colorado Legislature two years ago that solitary confinement in a Colorado prison was destroying the psyche of his son, Evan.

When Jack Ebel's longtime friend, Gov. John Hickenlooper, was interviewing a Missouri corrections official for the top prisons job in Colorado, he mentioned the case as an example of why the prison system needed reform. And once Tom Clements came to Colorado, he eased the use of solitary confinement and tried to make it easier for people housed there to re-enter society.
If there is an aspect to the charge that Evan Ebel murdered Clements that doesn't make any sense, it's that Ebel was released four years early while Clements was in charge of decisions relative to parole and had already begun to ease up on solitary confinement. In that respect, Clements was not someone that Ebel should have targeted.

At about the 3:25 mark, the reporter asks a question that sets Hickenlooper off (a must-watch).


Now, consider the case of D.A. Mike McLelland. While MSNBC's Chris Matthews was visibly wishing that "white supremacists" were involved in McLelland's murder, he overlooked two things.
  1. McLelland and his wife were both white (for that matter, so were Clements and Hasse).
  2. McLelland was a Republican.
Via CNN:
McLelland won a three-way race in the 2010 Republican primary and ran unopposed in the general election. Burns said he and McLelland kept in touch "here and there" until January, when McLelland's assistant district attorney, Mark Hasse, was shot to death in a still-unsolved case.
Chris Matthews, et. al. are so desperate that they are willing to play up the narrative that 'white supremacists' (who are apparently tied to Democrats and who murdered whites and Republicans) are responsible for murdering... whites and Republicans.

More evidence that Matthews, et. al. are insane.

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