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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Austin Talk Show Hosts Suspended for language

I am familiar with both of these guys. Todd Jeffries and Don Pryor have a show on KLBJ 590 in Austin. Both have been suspended because one of them (Pryor) consistently used the term, "wetback". Despite Jeffries never using the word on-air and repeatedly warning Pryor to cease using it, both were suspended.

The Austin American Statesman has the story.

Having worked in downtown Austin for nine years, I know a little bit about the area. It is a city with many Hispanic leaders who hold prominent positions. A few calls from a few agitated listeners could have gotten quite a bit of attention, which it evidently did.

The Hispanic Area Chamber of Commerce chimed in on the matter:
"We acknowledge KLBJ's on-air apology, but we simply cannot see how his statements could be perceived as a joke," the Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce said in a statement.
Sticks and stones, right? Come on, people.

Folks, we all need to chill the heck out. While in Austin, I had several employees who were hispanic and there is no possible way I could repeat the words I heard. You know what though? We had each other's mutual respect and that is what is so lacking in this case. I'm of Irish descent (note I didn't say I'm an Irishman) and if you want to call me a Mick, have at it.

The most egregious part of this suspension is that Jeffries appears to have done nothing wrong and he is the victim of guilt by association with a man who uttered a questionably "racially insensitive" word more than once.

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