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Thursday, July 16, 2009

IOUs: First California, Now Social Security??

Rising Debt, Deficits, and talk of a second stimulus even after the initial "stimulus" of $787 Billion is "falling flat" to use a Sotomayor quote. With that as a backdrop, we learn that International holders are selling our debt faster than they're buying it.

Doug Ross reports on this colossal and ongoing development. Here he delivers the anti-money quote.
The Pelosi-Obama-Reid fiscal disaster is about to dissolve the full faith and credit of the currency. And Social Security checks to our seniors, who've worked for decades contributing to a non-existent "trust fund", may be at risk. The extent of criminality involved here makes Bernard Madoff look like a shoplifter.
The good news is that the Democrats are being forcefully unmasked. The bad news is they think they have a better one and the American people will let them put it on.

When you're $10 Trillion in debt and world markets are net sellers of that debt, it doesn't bode well. I'm not an economist but I feel like our nation is on the brink of an international toxic mortgage crisis. Bad for us is that American paper might just be the toxic debt.

Compelling and maddening all rolled into one. Translation: a MUST READ

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