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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Honduras: Modern Day Alamo?

The standoff in Honduras is almost like a political version of The Alamo. The fact that the sitting government led by Roberto Micheletti is still standing its ground after three weeks is literally astounding when one considers that Taiwan and Israel are apparently the only governments that support them.

Sitting president Roberto Micheletti has handed an ultimatum to the Organization of the American States even while expressing concerns that pro-Zelaya demonstrators are showing signs of a rebellion. Micheletti has shown true grit in the face of overwhelming world opposition and continues to do so.

The latest development may also demonstrate who is thirstiest for power. Zelaya was removed and with the help of practically every world and western hemispheric body, has been relentless in his insistence that he be reinstated as president. He was removed because he wanted to use a referendum to bypass his country's Constitution and become 'president' for life.

Now Roberto Micheletti is volunteering to step down under one condition. That Zelaya not be reinstated. The New York Times reports that Zelaya seems much more interested in running Honduras as president than does Micheletti:
Mr. Zelaya has said that he intends to return as president, and he insists that this is not open to negotiation. On Tuesday, he said Hondurans had a right to stage an insurrection against Mr. Micheletti’s internationally isolated interim government.

Keeping in mind that there are three sides to every argument (this side, that side, and the truth), what does this information tell us?

It tells me two things.
1.) Micheletti is putting his country ahead of his desire for power.
2.) Zelaya is not

What does it say that the sitting Honduran government is so adamant that Zelaya not be renistated while Micheletti is willing to step down to ensure it doesn't happen?

The truth appears to be aligning more closely with Micheletti while the world seems all too willing to align with a stooge of Hugo Chavez.

"A lie makes it halfway around the world before the truth can get its pants on."
- Winston Churchill

h/t to Hot Air

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